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Vista III

The Vista III Single-Cup Brewing System is specially designed to make the perfect cup of coffee every time! Not only will you get great coffee, but it will be brewed especially to your liking - all at push-button convenience.


Coffee Choices
• Regular
• Decaffeinated
• Boardroom Blend
• Hot Chocolate
• Cafe Mocha
• Espresso
• Hot Water


• Each cup freshly brewed in as little as 25 seconds; no more waiting for coffee to brew. System is ready 24 hours a day.
• Consistently great tasting coffee, cup-after-cup.
• Controls coffee costs, operates on coin or free vend.
• No more wasted or burned coffee, no messy coffee stations to clean;
no coffee pots to wash.

• Reduced staff involvement.
• Three cup size selections: small, medium or large.
• Three blend selections: regular, decaffeinated, or 50/50.
• Whipped Hot Chocolate and Cafe Mocha
• Hot water available for tea and soup.
• Carafes brewed to order: size, blend and strength.


31”H x 13.5”W x 24”D

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