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Coffee Systems

Large enough to offer a wide variety of products at competitive prices, yet still provide you with the personal attention and service that we have built our reputation on.

It's no secret that people truly need and appreciate the availability of refreshments in the workplace. However, offering the right coffee service can be complicated.


Done right, office coffee can be a perk that boosts employee morale. Done wrong, it becomes an irritating annoyance that alienates workers. Think about it. Is there one person who is always forced to brew a fresh pot when co-workers take the last cup and run? What about the tea or hot cocoa drinker who feels left out in an office that offers only coffee?

Listen in on the orders placed at your local coffee shop for just a few minutes and you'll know people have strong preferences when it comes to their java.

So, how do you please the masses?

Three simple words:
quality, variety, and consistency.


EAST COAST COFFEE presents only the best fresh and filter brews (no instant!) from the highest rated brands to our customers. Your employees won't waste valuable time searching for their morning or afternoon fix when there's high quality beverage options available on site.


Don't leave out your tea drinkers, dark roast divas, or decaf devotees. EAST COAST COFFEE guarantees a comprehensive office beverage assortment with something for everyone to enjoy.


Whether you choose Traditional Brewers, Single-Cup Coffee and Espresso Machines, or a combination of both for your company, EAST COAST COFFEE's commitment to advanced technology ensures everyone gets the same delicious and satisfying cup time and again.


What we offer:


Single Cup Coffee: State-of-the-art single-serve brewers offering a variety of flavors and brew strengths for a selective crowd.


Exceptional Customer Service: Installation, maintenance, and repair of your coffee equipment by experienced EAST COAST professionals.

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