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East Coast Water Services: Pure Benefits

The benefits of choosing point of use water purification equipment from EAST COAST WATER are a lot like the H2O they produce - pure, clear, and undeniably delectable.

Pure Health


Doctors say drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day is essential to good health. But what do you offer your employees and clients when water from taps, fountains, and bottled water dispensers often contain unhealthy levels of metals, chemicals, algae, bacteria or other scary contaminants?

East Coast's got you covered. Our bottleless filtration coolers use cutting edge water purification technologies like reverse osmosis, ultra filtration, and PHSI's Water Guardian® to guarantee an unlimited supply of clean, bacteria-free drinking water.

Pure Convenience


We aim to eliminate all the hassles of bottled water at the office. Our bottleless water cooler systems cut down on clutter, prevent spilling, reduce distraction, and operate seamlessly. You never have to lift a finger. Well, except for the one you'll use to push a button for access to pure, oxygenated drinking water. Surely you understand.

If for any reason your water flow is interrupted, EAST COAST WATER will have your company's miniature filtration plant up and running again within 24 hours - Guaranteed!

Pure Safety


Did you know that back strains are the most common and costly type of worker compensation claims? Requiring your workers to lift awkward 40 lb water bottles just so they can have a glass of water creates an unnecessary increased risk of injury to your employees. Bottleless water coolers are a smart and simply way to make your workplace safer.

Pure Savings


Between bottle deposits, fuel surcharges, delivery fees, price increases, storage space, taxes…you get the idea.

EAST COAST WATER'S bottleless coolers do away with the incidental costs associated with bottled water. We also offer fixed monthly invoices which makes budgeting a snap. Plus, the water comes from your own existing source, so there's no additional cost if your water consumption increases. Not to mention all the time you'll save when you're no longer changing or storing bottles, taking inventory, or placing orders.

A Pure Planet


Americans today are throwing 22,000,000,000 plastic water bottles into landfills annually. 22 Billion! When you consider this mind blowing factoid along with the highly documented amount of pollutants pumped into the atmosphere by plastics factories manufacturing the bottles and the giant, inefficient delivery trucks required to transport the abundance of product, it's no wonder more and more people are looking to change their consumption habits.

Pure Taste


We understand that, all other benefits aside, the water service you choose ultimately comes down to taste. Our sophisticated water filtration methods produce a clean, clear, and unadulterated drink. We guarantee you'll find the end result is Freshness You Can Taste.


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