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Single Cup Brewers from EAST COAST COFFEE are a smart and sustainable solution for your home or office. Not only is the variety of flavors and brew strengths available with single cup brewing unmatched, but also our energy efficient equipment by Keurig, Flavia, and Bunn uses biodegradable coffee pods to minimize waste and help your organization remain socially responsible.


Single cup brewers provide something for everyone.

Whether you're craving authentic Italian espresso, antioxidant-rich green tea, a light French vanilla roast, or a just a standard cup of joe, our pod brewers can make it all. Did you want that custom cup prepared in under a minute? Not a problem.


Single cup brewers reduce waste.

Throwing away stale or burned coffee that's been sitting in a pot all day is an all too common tale. Brewing coffee nobody drinks is downright wasteful. It wastes money purchasing extra coffee and supplies, it wastes our precious resources of food and energy, and it wastes time as you wait for an entire pot to brew for just one serving. Single cup coffee makes it possible to brew your own fresh beverage anytime of day - without the waste!

-Regular, Decaf
 50/50, Cafe Mocha
 Hot Chocolate
 Hot Water
-3 Brew Sizes
-3 brew Strengths
-Brews in 30 Seconds

-Regular, Decaf
 50/50, Hot Water
-3 Brew Sizes
-3 brew Strengths
-Brews in 30 Seconds

-Regular, Cafe Mocha
 Hot Chocolate,
 Hot Water
-3 Brew Sizes
-3 brew Strengths
-Brews in 30 Seconds

-Brews in 30 Seconds
-Choose from over a
 100 Blends, from top
 roasters like Green
 Mountain, Van Houtte,
 Diedrich, Caribou,
 and Timothy’s.

-Brews in 60 Seconds
-Alterra Coffee, Bright
 Tea, Dove Hot
 Chocolate and Lattes

-Brews in 60 Seconds
- Cafe Classics, Donut
 Shop, Marley and many
 more great choices

-Brews in 60 Seconds
-Gevalia Coffee,
 Twinnings Tea,
 Cappuccino’s, Lattes
 and Suchard’s Hot

-Whole Bean, 3 Blends

-Specialty Beverages




 Hot Cocoa

 Cafe Mocha

 and more...
-3 Brew Sizes
-3 brew Strengths
-Brews in under 60 Seconds

Latte Lounge Express

Vista III

Vista II

Cafe Mio





Single Cup Coffee Systems

Our Single Cup Coffee Systems

Accessory Racks, Cup Holders & Cabinets available at no charge.

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