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Cascade Plus




Dimensions:14″ W x 14″ L x 48″ H
Weight: 54 lbs
Cold Tank: 2 Gallons
Hot Tank: 1 Gallon
Cooling Rate: 3 Gal/hour 37-50°F
Heating Rate: 2.8 Gal/hour 180°F


Efficient, Highly Reliable, and just the right capacity specifications as a work horse unit; the H2O-2200 is a fully mechanical Hot, Cold, and Ambient Dispenser with an LG Compressor and a 2 Gallon Cold Tank.


Featuring a redesigned new to market dual function mechanical paddle, the H2O-2200 is able to dispense both hot and ambient water from a single spigot, allowing for the classic mechanical 2 spigot / paddle design while being able to deliver 3 temperatures of water.


LG Compressor
Anti-Microbial Panels
Hot & Cold Water
Hot Water Safety Lock

Hot Power Consumption 1000W
Cold Power Consumption 100W
110V~127V AC / 50-60Hz
Refrigerant R134A
Climate Class T
USA Final Assembly & Quality Control



4-Stage Ultra Filtration/Reverse Osmosis

Stage 1: Sediment
Stage 2: Pre-Carbon
Stage 3: Ultra-Filtration Membrane/

             100 GDP Reverse Osmosis Membrane
Stage 4: Post Carbon Filter



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