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9 Stage Filtration Process

1. Sediment Filter:
The 1st stage is a treated lter,
which removes sediment such
as rust, dust, clay, and pipe
residue in water through a
10 - micron ltration process.

2. Pre- Carbon Filter:
The 2nd stage is a pre carbon
filter to eliminate chemicals such
as chlorine, solvents, pesticides,
and various organic compounds
which exist in nearly all water

3. Reverse Osmosis Membrane:
The 3rd stage uses state of the art
Reverse Osmosis technology, which
removes all metals, arsenic, pharmaceuticals, lead, mercury and
other solids and 99.9% of bacteria.
Only pure water can pass through
the .0001 micron purication

4. PH Balance:
The 4th stage increases alkalinity
levels to restore PH balance.
Acidic water will decrease
hydration and slow metabolism.
Drinking higher alkaline water
contributes to more energy and
improved hydration.

5. Immune Detox:
The 5th stage provides an immunity
detoxication process. Natural
minerals are introduced in the
PH lter that increases immunity
levels and provided protection
against lead poisoning.

6. Nutrient Boost:
The 6th stage provides an
increase of minerals in the water
and replenishes the supply of
calcium and magnesium to boost

7. Sanitization:
In the 7th stage, the water
passes through a natural
antiseptic and antibacterial
process in the PH lter to
eliminate bacteria in the tanks,
lines and spigots.

8. TCR Filter:
The 8th and 9th stages run
through a nal polishing taste
and chlorine reduction carbon
lter which assures the cleanest,
freshest, healthiest best tasting
water possible.

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