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It's Better Without The Bottle!

  • No more lifting or storing heavy 42lb bottles

  • No more running out of water

  • No delivery interuptions

  • No chance of contamination

  • No plastics! Go Green!

  • No more accounting issues, one

       low monthly rate


Water should help you do your job, not be your job.

What's not to love about your office's tried-and-true bottled water coolers? There's a constant supply of water - until you run out of jugs before the next scheduled delivery.


It encourages socialization among your colleagues - as they place bets on who can lift and install those feather-light 40 lb bottles without throwing out their back or losing a finger. No need to recycle - because those 5 gallon polycarbonate #7 plastic bottles contain the controversial plastic compound BPA and, due to health concerns, cannot be recycled.


It's never boring - trying to manage your rising water bottle bills when consumption increases or fuel surcharges become the norm, performing the never-ending search for additional nooks and crannies to store water bottles, or playing security guard while you supervise delivery persons (and readjusting yourself back into "work mode" after the irritating interruption). Cleverly disguised as a service of convenience, it's clear that your workforce wastes too much time and energy dealing with bottled water for the office.

Bottled Water: Not as pure as people think

At East Coast Water, we're all for reclaiming items for multiple uses. However, many of these water bottles contain dicey plastic chemicals. Repeated reuse and storage in varying temperatures is the perfect storm for leaching these controversial compounds into your workplace's supply of "pure" drinking water. From production to transportation to use and reuse, many unprotected hands touch the neck of the bottle where water flows into the cooler. You don't know where those hands have been!


And without any sort of filtration system in place, bacteria can make a home of the internal storage tank, secretly lurking where you can't see.

Rethink What You Drink.

Say no to the status quo! Conventional water coolers leave you, your colleagues, and your environment vulnerable to disease and irreversible damage.Take a different approach with East Coast Water: Your authority on healthy and environmentally conscious office refreshments.


Our bottleless water service goes way beyond green by not only eliminating the environmental impact of bottled water systems, but also by providing your with fresher, safer, and better tasting drinking water.


First class in convenience, all of our filtration coolers feature easy hook-up to any existing water line in your workspace. After just a few minutes with a East Coast Water technician, it's ready to go!


When you choose a water arrangement with East Coast Water, you're choosing premium refreshment that's better than bottled.

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