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• LED UV helps maintain system cleanliness antimicrobial technology• Surface protection with silver ion tainless steel reservoirsS• • Hot safety buttonAdvanced Features• Extra large drip tray • Scratch resistant panelseliable & Dependable ComponentsRaddle dispenseP• arge dispense areaL• echnologyTInnovative Design & REENSPSID RETAW 3W


Leak Detection from added mineralsEnhanced alkalinity and electrolytes Quick Change FIlterstainless steel reservoirsSExtra large drip trayaddle dispense Hot and ColdPAntimicrobial Brushed Finish48”“4114”sruoh4 2/hWk0 6.1noitpmusnoCr ewoPspma9 .4z @ H06/v011ycneuqerF/egatloVd etaRisp0 7-06erusserPr etaW d ednemmoceR”01aerAe snepsiDsnlolag5 .1yticapaCk naTt oHsnollag3yticapaCk naTd loC14”dw x ”41h x ”48snoisnemiD.sbl4 5thgieWonitpircseD.eensures great tastFinal polishing filter CR)TFilter (ost CarbonPssecorP noitaciruP ygloonhceT syslleW.ytinilakla secnahned na ,yteslortcele, salrenim sddAFilter ™USLBIO-SURE Pand metals.solids, pharmaceuticals, educes dissolved RMembraneeverse Osmosis Rpesticides.chemicals, and , eeduces chlorinRFilterPre-Carbon .eand pipe residusuch as dirt, silt, rust, educes particles RFilterSediment

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