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Enjoy coffee shop favorites in your office with the Necta Krea bean-to-cup brewer! Perfect for medium to large offices where quality coffee and reliability are key. Brews up to 10 different beverages, including decaf selections and hot chocolate, ensuring there's a beverage for every taste. The filter-less brewing system does not require paper filters and reduces maintenance, making it “greener by nature”. In addition, the perfectly sized coffee hopper and waste containers help make maintenance easy and less frequent. The Krea can easily be placed on counter tops with a minimum clearance of 30 inches or on a stand-alone cabinet. The Krea is sure to make a great addition to your office breakroom!


1 Coffee bean 1.3 lbs

1 Coffee Grind 1 lb
4 Powder dispensers 1 lb each
Overall Dimensions: Height 28.4” Width 15.5” Depth 25.75”
Cup Sizes 3 sizes (8, 10 and 12 oz.)
Capacity 50 x 8 oz. (240 ml) cups per hour
Vend Mode Option Available



10 direct chromium-plated selections

LED lighting of the user interface with the option to change

the light colour (default is blue)

LED lit cup station area



Choose from a wide selection of beverages:

  • Brewed Coffee

  • Espresso

  • Cafe Latte 

  • Cappuccino

  • Cafe Americano

  • Cafe Mocha

  • French Vanilla

  • Cafe Vanilla

  • Chai Tea

  • Hot Chocolate

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