The benefits of choosing point of use water purification equipment from EAST COAST WATER are a lot like the H2O they produce - pure, clear, and undeniably delectable.

Making and dispensing ice has never been easier than with this free-standing filtered ice maker and water dispenser.
Perfect for hotel and healthcare applications, the compact ice machine with water dispenser can produce up to 125 lb. of "Chewblet" nugget ice per day! It is a great way to provide employees, customers and visitors with a refreshing glass of ice water.

This ice machine is designed to produce up to 125 lb. of ice per day, and it can store up to 15 lb. It can accommodate cups up to 
9” tall.

Sanitary Design
Because it dispenses ice right into the cup, it eliminates cross-contamination by removing scooping from the equation! The Agion antimicrobial treatment built into key ice contact areas helps to further minimize health risks.

Overall Dimensions:

14 5/8 Inches
23 1/2 Inches
47 Inches

Compressed Nugget Ice
"Chewblett" compressed nugget ice is slow-melting and easy to chew, making it preferable to the cube-style ice found in most machines.