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Flavia Barista


Freshness & Choice

Taste and aroma… it’s all in the brew
The unique FLAVIA FRESH RELEASE system serves delicious drinks brewed fresh every time. The water unlocks the sealed freshpack, releasing the aromatic ingredients to brew directly into your cup, ensuring you only taste the beverage you choose.

●  Crafts  authentic, full-bodied espresso  in 30-40 seconds  utilizing high  pressure (15 bars)

●   Crafted with premium materials and finishes  featuring piano  black, brushed metal exterior andstainless  steel

●  An intuitive screen that makes a multitude of beverages with the touch of a button

●  No cross contamination between drinks

●   Brewer can be programmed to be plumbed in or set for pour-over


Convenient reliability
• No cleanup, no mess, one cup at a time
• Ready in 40-60 seconds
• Available 24/7
• Industry-leading reliability – FLAVIA CREATION brewers go over a year between service calls


Simple to choose, easy to use, compact in size
• LCD display with interactive software to guide the
user when selecting drink categories and options
• Sleek and stylish design, yet small and compact in size
• Will compliment any office space

Unique FLAVIA 2 pack technology
Create fantastic cappuccinos and lattes by combining our carefully blended FLAVIA swirls with your favorite coffee.

Keep your workplace running smoothly

Because the FLAVIA FRESH RELEASE system exists solely in the workplace this is where our expertise is focused.

In fact, tests* show that this unique system directly contributes to:
• Increased office interactions. 54% of employees
experienced more interactions with colleagues
• Higher levels of engagement and satisfaction
• Improved productivity and morale


Dimensions    22" W, 17" H, 21" D, 78 lbs

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