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The Crema

Superior technology to satisfy every need
If it’s style and sophistication you’re looking for, the Crema has the answer. Thanks to the different technologies for preparing drinks, the machine represents the ideal solution for hot drinks services of a superior quality, with a menu to
satisfy every taste.

Simple and stylish
Style and simplicity are synonymous with
the Crema, and its ease of use is due to the
simple display and conveniently situated
buttons, directing the user in their choice
of preferred beverage.
The Crema has a wide drinks menu and can
offer up to eight different drinks, and
through there versatility they are at home
in any situation.


Coffee Choices
• Espresso
• Black coffee
• Coffee with Cream
• Cappuccino
• Caffè Latte
• Hot milk
• Hot water



• Each cup freshly brewed in as little as 40 seconds; no more waiting for coffee to brew. System is ready 24 hours a day.
• Consistently great tasting coffee, cup-after-cup.
• Controls coffee costs, operates on coin or free vend.
• No more wasted or burned coffee, no messy coffee stations to clean; no coffee pots to wash.

• Reduced staff involvement.

26”H x 13.5”W x 20”D

delivered Long coffee
White coffee

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